I began watching Classical Stretch on my local PBS channel January 2014. After following the first episode, I was hooked! 


I have always been active engaging in many forms of exercise and enjoy outdoor activities, especially bicycle riding. After years of stressing my muscles and joints, I started feeling old inside, even though people told me I looked good. Battling sciatica 25+ years took its toll on my posture and balance. I was also diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and feet. I have a wonderful life, terrific husband, awesome kids, a great job--but it felt like I was falling apart on the inside. I did my regular exercise routine while adding ESSENTRICS and started feeling better and better. I had more energy, my sciatica went away, along with the pain in my feet and fingers. I knew ESSENTRICS was key to my improvement since it was the only thing I did differently on a daily basis. I made the decision go for certification so I could share the benefits with others. I have completed all training levels, including live training in Montreal and Denver with Miranda Esmonde-White and ESSENTRICS  Master Trainers, and am currently a Level 4 Certified ESSENTRICS Instructor.


I love the ESSENTRICS® program because it blends strength and stretching to provide an experience to benefit the individual person. No matter your body type or level of fitness, ESSENTRICS® is a path for you to regain balance, wellness, and dramatically improve your quality of life. If I can feel good in my body by doing ESSENTRICS®, you can too! Movements can be adjusted based on an individual's level of flexibility and need.


Lisa's Essentrics classes are extremely helpful to me. Lisa taught me many techniques for stretching that strengthened my back and improved my balance and flexibility even better than physical therapy! Lisa's classes are fun and relaxing and she is supportive of beginners and anyone struggling with physical limitations. I highly recommend Lisa. - Debbie U.

While active all of my life, I always lacked core strength and fought poor posture.  Lisa and Essentrics have greatly helped my strength and improved my posture through Essentrics stretching and her workouts. Who knew a program that focuses on stretching and relaxing muscles, and cleaning out joints, could make you stronger and more toned. Lisa recommends doing “Classical Stretch” on public television, but so much more is gained from participating in her classes. She ensures the class is doing the motions and stretches to maximize their benefit. Lisa is wonderful at accommodating and modifying movements to help with aches or injuries. The class is really for everyone, regardless of having been inactive or pain issues. I’ll add that Lisa’s early evening classes are a great way to stretch away the stress of the day. Lisa’s explanation of proper technique in class makes the PBS Classical Stretch much more beneficial. Thank you, Lisa! - Molly O.

Taking an Essentrics class with Lisa is one of the best things I did for myself in 2016.  If I was feeling good before the class I felt great after.  If I was in pain before the class I would walk away after feeling better physically and emotionally.  It is hard to put words, but the method and instruction she gives to help stretch your whole body is unlike anything I have done before.  Sometimes I would walk out of class and it would feel like I just walked out of a massage - it feels that good! -Tammy M.

"My daughter just called and told me she could barely step on her right leg.  She is pregnant and had been on her feet for 10 hours.  Fortunately I had sent her Essentrics videos, and now after doing them she is walking much better.  Believe me, when your daughter says your right....it's amazing!  I saw "Forever Painless" on TV one Saturday morning and knew I needed to look into Essentrics.   found a class online that would be starting that day near me and emailed I would be attending.  The class was lead by Lisa.  I was so lucky to have found the class especially with Lisa as the instructor.  She embodies all that Essentrics is teaching.  Gentle movements bring healing to tight muscles.  After that one class, I knew this is what I needed for my leg and back pain.  My muscles were tight and normal movement was difficult.  I am learning through Lisa how the muscles work and how stretching your muscles improves movement and agility.  Lisa is full of energy and dedicated to helping people through Essentrics. I recommend Essentrics to everyone I meet because it truly does work to increase movement and you will be "forever painless."  Barb M.


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Lisa Sawczuk

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